Veterans Court ‘clients’ reform through intervention


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Justice ought to be blind to litigants’ wealth, energy, affect, creed and ethnicity; however possibly she ought to be compassionate regarding trauma, dependancy and psychological well being. I don’t imply falling for each defendant’s declare that childhood troubles made him/her do it; however openness to wanting behind conduct for causes and possibly approaching options.

We all know jailing each addict, vagrant and emotionally challenged one who breaks the regulation doesn’t work. The identical individuals shuffle in, hear the identical stern judicial lecture, then return to jail till their phrases finish they usually repeat the method after days or months of “freedom.” Does them no good, prices us loads.

More and more we have now psychological well being courts, drug courts, household reunification courts and even veterans’ courts. Veterans are a very tragic subset of defendants: many risked their lives for us, some in hellholes reminiscent of Khe Sanh and Fallujah; few returned unscathed, and a few return very troubled, many affected by PTSD. Some strive coping via substance abuse.


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