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The main lobby Of Clean & Clear Advantage Recovery located at 425 Juliana St. in Parkersburg. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

PARKERSBURG — The Clean & Clear Advantage Recovery drug rehab facility held an open house to celebrate its new opening Friday at the former federal building on Juliana Street in downtown Parkersburg.

Buying the building in 2017, Dr. Vyacheslav Ripa, a dentist/businessman from New York, originally used the building as an apartment complex and convention center. But when the building wasn’t in high demand and with residents dealing with drug or other addictions on the rise in Wood County, Ripa and his business partners came up with the idea of the recovery facility.

Seeing the first-hand experience by touring other rehab facilities in the state, Ripa believes his facility will make the residents feel at home instead of living in a hospital-like environment.

“We got just a few calls for the apartments and not too many people were interested in the convention center. So after that, we thought about how we can be helpful to the people around us,” he said. “Unfortunately, all of us have some problems, us, friends, a family member went through a difficult time with drugs or some other addiction. So we thought it would be a good idea,” Ripa said. “We checked and visited a lot of rehabs and most of them were not where I would want to stay or send somebody. We decided that we can do better and we can help people better.”

Clean & Clear’s goal is to assist individuals and families impacted by substance use and dependency disorder to find a clean and clear way of living that addresses the entire person. Residents will be living under mental health, physical health, and spiritual health conditions so that they may enjoy the advantages of sobriety in their daily living.

The basketball court in the physical area in Clean & Clear Advantage Recovery. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

The facility employs a certified and licensed clinical staff, a medical staff with an average of 12 years of experience working in dependency disorders, and peer support specialists. There are masters-level therapists, licensed or certified in their fields of study, along with supportive counselors to provide additional therapeutic resources and support to residents who may wish to be mentored by peer support specialists who are certified by the state.

The facilities will offer a professional kitchen and chef; basketball, tennis and handball courts; and 30 gym machines for physical activity. It will also include recreation areas offering billiard tables, foosball, chess, and family visitation areas as well. There are 60 beds for residents.

“We want to give them the best possible care and the best possible reason not to come back. Physically, we can restore them with the gym machines. We’re gonna feed them with hopefully locally sourced products, and we have a very large kitchen, so we’re gonna feed them well,” Ripa said.

Clean & Clear Advantage recovery offers two programs to help residents overcome their problems. The first program is the withdrawal management that will give residents top-quality care by highly qualified medical and nursing staff and provides intensive therapeutic services.

The second choice is residential treatment, a program that will provide support, education, and an evidence-based therapy curriculum for individuals struggling with dependency disorders and their support systems. Short-term medication-assisted treatment can be provided for those interested while engaging in the residential treatment program.

Billiards and other recreational activities will be provided by Clean & Clear Advantage Recovery. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

Clean & Clear provides in-depth relapse prevention studies and workshops so that each resident will also be able to re-enter their life with the tools they will need to remain successful in their recovery efforts and work their way toward a healthy remission, Ripa said.

“Then we’re gonna restore mental health, physical health, and hopefully soul and spirit. We’re gonna try to give them some kind of educational programs, restore whatever they need, big loans or Social Security number. We can call in trying to get them their number, if they need training, we’re going to give them some training,” Ripa said. “They’re gonna need to know how to go to the interview or write something for employment-related. We are going to help them visit employment afterward, we’re going to call it and we’re gonna do whatever we can to find out how we can help them.”

For more information, email, call (304) 893-9777, or fax (304) 893-9776. Businesses hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Friday. Walk-in are welcome, but scheduled appointments are strongly recommended.

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The dining area for residents. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

Families or loved ones can visited residents at the visiting areas. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

Residents can spend time in the lounge 24/7. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

Bedroom of a four person room. Clean & Clear Advantage Recovery offers one, two and three room bedrooms as well. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

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