Drug Treatment Centers for Couples

rehab for couples in orange county california

New website dedicated just to couples who are suffering from addiction has just started offering information and treatment options. CouplesRehab.com offers information about couples detox programs and treatment facilities right here in Orange County California. The newest post talks about what to expect during the detox process and the therapy that comes after. Here is a section of the post “A couples therapy program is ideal for couples in which both individuals are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. A drug rehab for married couples will offer a quality and effective program…

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Couple who has lived in a sewer for 22 years due to drug addiction

Orange County Couples Rehab

This is where a Colombian couple -Miguel Restrepo and his wife Maria Garcia have spent the past 22 years. Both heavy drug addicts in their youth, the couple found this abandoned sewer to use as shelter and to overcome their addictions, since they had no money to enroll in a rehab. Over the past two decades, the couple has tried their best to make the sewer a lovable home. This sewer, in their eyes, is a symbol of their new life. While many feel sorry for them, the couple said…

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