New Study Shows Opioids Strikingly Ineffective Against Long-term Chronic Pain Chronic Pain

Many have fallen victim to the opioid crisis in America, and the numbers continue to grow. But at what cost? With a new study released December 18th, 2018 researchers found that opioids do not work for every type of pain nor do they contribute to the healing process in any way. Opiates have been found to only mask the pain before the body’s tolerance requires more. Recent reports indicate other drugs and treatments such as physical therapy or heat therapy may work better for non-cancer pain. The study shows the…

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Naloxone Is Literally A Breath Of Fresh Air For The Person Suffering An Opioid Overdose


Press Release – Apr 16, 2018 The U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory earlier this month encouraging Americans to carry naloxone, which can reverse the opioid overdoses that kill a person every 12½ minutes in this country.  Dr. Jerome Adams urged people who are at risk of suffering an opioid overdose, as well as their friends and family, should carry naloxone on them at all times. The Surgeon General has not issued an advisory for 13 years.  In 2005 the advisory was regarding drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The EMTs, police officers, firefighters, as well as hospitals,…

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Orange County Opioid Overdose & Death Report 2017

Drug overdose (poisoning) is now the leading cause of unintentional injury death in the United States, causing more deaths than motor vehicle crashes. Opioids – both prescription painkillers and heroin – are responsible for most of those deaths. The number of Californians affected by prescription and non-prescription opioid misuse and overdose is substantial, with rates varying significantly across counties, and even within counties. In Orange County, the rate of opioid-related emergency department (ED) visits has increased 141% since 2005 and there were 7,457 opioid overdose/abuse cases treated in the ED…

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Couples Drug Rehab Orange County California

couples drug rehabs orange county

The growing number of drug related overdoses and deaths has reached epidemic proportions, and more individuals that are involved in relationship are abusing drugs together. Rehab centers for couples are starting to get some momentum catering to couples entering into recovery together.  (PRWEB) MARCH 16, 2017 works with treatment centers that offer board-certified therapists and physicians to fix relationships that have been effected by substance abuse. Couples addiction is a serious issue and they need strategies to work on as a couple to help overcome addiction together as a…

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Orange County homeless deaths hit all-time high

orange county

The deaths are so common they’re routine. Sean, 47, drank himself to death on a bus stop bench in Anaheim. Bruce, 63, collapsed and died on a freeway off ramp from heart disease and an untreated seizure disorder. Zachary, 28, overdosed on heroin in a Santa Ana alley. And Nicholas, 29, hanged himself with a shoe string on a dirt embankment in Fullerton. Last year, more than 200 homeless men, women and children lost their lives to drugs, alcohol, mental illness, violence and, in many cases, years of neglect and…

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Fatal drug overdoses reach 10-year high in Orange County

orange county addiction

The number of people dying of drug overdoses in Orange County has soared to the highest levels in at least a decade. According to preliminary coroner data, fatal drug overdoses climbed to at least 400 last year, a 6 percent increase from 2014 – and a nearly 63 percent jump compared with 2005, when the number stood at 246. The latest figures punctuate a problem that has rapidly multiplied inOrange County and the U.S. In the past five years, drug overdoses have killed 1,769 people in the county. The coroner’s…

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Doctors Face Discipline After Undercover Prescription Drug Stings Orange County California

Orange County California

Two Orange County doctors, who were subject to separate undercover investigations, face California Medical Board discipline for improperly prescribing dangerous drugs without a medical reason. According to legal documents recently made public, Dr. Jeffrey Dove Olsen of Newport Beach and Dr. Mark Anthony Wimbley of Irvine face potential loss of their licenses. The board documents say that in 2013 and 2014, undercover operatives, including an agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, visited Wimbley’s office and secretly recorded their appointments. In two instances, Wimbley gave the phony patients powerful opiates without…

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Orange County Inpatient Rehab Pain Pills Rehabilitation for Prescription Drugs

pain pill rehab orange county

Addiction to pain pills is a serious matter when it comes to your overall health and well-being. Broadway Treatment Center in Orange County offers treatment options for people that struggle with prescription drug abuse. The rise in Heroin and other illegal drugs usages is because of the over-prescribing drugs like Oxycodone and Norco. If you are looking for treatment for you or someone you love for prescription drugs please call (714) 443 8218. Read more about pain killer abuse at

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Alcohol Rehab Orange County

alcohol rehab orange county

Finding the right Orange County rehab for alcohol addiction can seem overwhelming. Luckily, Orange County is home to one of the countries top alcohol rehabs Broadway Treatment Center. The are an award winning facility located in Huntington Beach, and have been providing help for those addicted to drugs and alcohol for years. The alcohol rehab center just posted a new page specifically talking about the dangers of alcoholism here,

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Naltrexone Implants Orange County

Naltrexone Implant Clinics Orange County California

Due to the rise in Opiate abuse in the country, a local surgery center is offering the Naltrexone implant for struggling addicts. The implant helps those suffering from drug or alcohol abuse by helping them stay in recovery. The Naltexone implant can last up to almost a year, and has been proven to raise the success rate in recovery. For more details visit the link provided.

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