New Study Shows Opioids Strikingly Ineffective Against Long-term Chronic Pain Chronic Pain

Many have fallen victim to the opioid crisis in America, and the numbers continue to grow. But at what cost? With a new study released December 18th, 2018 researchers found that opioids do not work for every type of pain nor do they contribute to the healing process in any way. Opiates have been found to only mask the pain before the body’s tolerance requires more. Recent reports indicate other drugs and treatments such as physical therapy or heat therapy may work better for non-cancer pain. The study shows the…

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Naloxone Is Literally A Breath Of Fresh Air For The Person Suffering An Opioid Overdose


Press Release – Apr 16, 2018 The U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory earlier this month encouraging Americans to carry naloxone, which can reverse the opioid overdoses that kill a person every 12½ minutes in this country.  Dr. Jerome Adams urged people who are at risk of suffering an opioid overdose, as well as their friends and family, should carry naloxone on them at all times. The Surgeon General has not issued an advisory for 13 years.  In 2005 the advisory was regarding drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The EMTs, police officers, firefighters, as well as hospitals,…

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